Brainwave Bikes, Shaping Pathways

Brainwave Bikes, Shaping Pathways provides an individualised work readiness service, across three days, for two years for school leavers.

Are you interested in...

  • Finding your purpose?
  • Engaging in work experience in open employment?
  • Employment-related training, with ongoing support?
  • Group-base employment preparations?
  • Travel training, planning and navigating your local community?
  • Gaining independence?

What is Brainwave Bikes, Shaping Pathways?

Brainwave Bikes, Shaping Pathways works with school leavers to prepare you for the real world, with a holistic life approach and a focus on becoming employment ready.

At Brainwave Bikes, we believe that everyone has the potential to succeed in employment and life, regardless of their background or ability.

Our program is designed to unlock your potential and help individuals achieve their goals.

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from our pre-employment program participants


Martin washes away his barriers...

Looking back at his journey, Martin feels proud of how far he has come.

Starting as a volunteer, thentransitioning through Brainwave Bikes pre-employment program to securing employment at Hertz as a car detailer.

Martin feels he gained essential skills and experience that helped him succeed in his new job.

Martin believes he has a bright future ahead of him and is excited to continue to learn and grow within his new role at Hertz.

Nick repairing more than just bicycles...

Nick walked through our doors in,July 2022 asking about volunteering opportunities. He wanted to re-engage with the community and find his purpose again.

After being turned away by several volunteer and employment opportunities due to his acquired brain injury, we saw Nick’s enthusiasm, passion, and determination to take his next step.

Nick’s strong skills and knowledge about bikes, combined with his resolve to overcome previous barriers paved the way for securing employment in a bike mechanic role.

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Based in Dingley Village, the Brainwave Bikes, Shaping Pathways service is committed to unlocking our participants' potential and helping them achieve their goals. If you have a potential candidate, or are interested in the service, please click below.