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196 - kids16 196 - kids16
Brainwave Bikes 196 - kids16" Yellow, Kids, $40.00
Yellow, kids 16" Kids, Rim Brakes, SKU: BK0196
Sold out
450 - 55cm Yellow,
Red, Mountain Bike,
Vintage, Bike 450 - 55cm Yellow,
Red, Mountain Bike,
Vintage, Bike
Brainwave Bikes 450 - 55cm Yellow, Red, Mountain Bike, Vintage, Bike $115.00
Yellow, Red, 55cm Mountain Bike, Vintage, Rim Brakes, SKU: BK0450 WEIGHT: Lbs: 35.2, KGs: 16
511 - 16 511 - 16
Brainwave Bikes 511 - 16" Yellow, Kids, Bike $40.00
Yellow, 16" Kids, Rim Brakes, Single Speed, SKU: BK0511 WEIGHT: Lbs: 22, KGs: 10
Sold out
kids 16 kids 16
Brainwave Bikes kids 16" Gold bike $45.00
this 16" kids' bike, with its bright and cheerful gold colour is sure to catch the eye of any child. whether your child is just learning to ride or is already a seasoned pro, this bike is sure to provide hours of fun and adventure.  SKU ID: BK0182
Kids 20 Kids 20
Brainwave Bikes Kids 20" Rim Brakes Black Yellow Single Speed Bike $55.00
This cool 20" Stomp Bike is in great condition, and after a service from our team of mechanics, is ready to go for the budget conscious rider!    *A 20" size kids’ bike is recommended for seven to nine year-olds or those 115cm - 135cm tall.  SKU ID: BK0251