Adult - 42cm Classic Bike with Stand and Rack, Blue


Adult - 42cm Classic Bike with Stand and Rack, Blue


Are you searching for a timeless and reliable bike that combines vintage charm with practical features? Look no further! We have a fantastic deal for all your commuting and carrying needs.

Key Features: 🔸 Blue Color: A classic and elegant bike that stands out 🔸 Classic Design: Embrace the retro style with this timeless bike that never goes out of fashion. 🔸 Rim Brakes: Trustworthy braking system for confident and controlled stops. 🔸 Rear Rack: A sturdy rack at the back for carrying your belongings, making it perfect for daily commutes or grocery runs.

With its classic design, this bike evokes a sense of nostalgia while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. The timeless aesthetics will make you the envy of fellow cyclists as you cruise through the streets with elegance.

The 42cm frame is the perfect size for most riders of 150-155 cm tall. 

Equipped with reliable rim brakes, this bike ensures precise and responsive stopping power. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring your neighborhood, you can ride with confidence, knowing you have full control over your speed and safety.

The included stand allows you to conveniently park your bike without leaning it against walls or objects. This feature is particularly handy when you need to make quick stops, grab a coffee, or run errands without worrying about finding a place to prop up your bike.

Additionally, the rear rack provides a practical solution for carrying your belongings. Whether it's a backpack, groceries, or other essentials, you'll have ample space to securely transport them while keeping your hands free.

The bike has been serviced and refurbished by our on-site Brainwave Bike Mechanics - it's ready to roll!


SKU: BK0680 

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